Treating Trauma with Homeopathy

Treating Trauma with Homeopathy

by Renita Herrmann at
two girls crying Oftentimes in homeopathy, we hear stories about a traumatic event in a person’s life. It may be an emotional or mental shock, like the death of a loved one, seeing a violent act, or a physical one such as a car accident. It may not be evident to the person but one can retain the imprint of the accident or incident for many decades, if not for life. The homeopath is trained to see these effects of trauma, and use them to choose the correct remedy to release the pain. Let’s look at an example:

multi-car accident on highwayFour people are traveling in a car, and have an accident. The driver, the first person we see, leaps out of the car, yelling and blaming the other driver. His face is set and dark, and his body is pumping with adrenaline. He races back and forth between the cars, yelling loudly and complaining, not taking the time to assess damage to himself, passengers, or the other driver. The second person, in the front passenger seat, is sitting motionless, not moving at all. She’s not speaking, her eyes are fixed in front of her, and she appears to be in a stupor. She doesn’t seem to be injured physically, but she is obviously affected by the accident. The third person, in the back seat, is slowly getting out of the car. He was thrown against the back seat of the driver, and was carrying a glass casserole, which has shattered. The contents are covering the person, and he is steaming from the hot contents. There is blood on both hands, and he seems to be in shock. The fourth person, a young girl, is crying quietly in the back seat, not showing any signs of injury, but is being consoled by a bystander, whom she leans on as if a friend.

soldier with tears on faceThis story relates to different trauma remedies; each person in the car has a different reaction to the same event, but each in his or her own individual way. The beauty of homeopathy is that it takes into account each person’s constitution. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach to health. There are other things to think about with trauma:

adults fighting while child in distress

img_2806A woman escapes from domestic violence and settles in a new area. She seems fine for two years, but then starts having panic attacks. They occur when she is in an enclosed area, but not common claustrophobic situations or surroundings. Her sleep becomes more and more disrupted, and soon she has panic attacks every day. She cries easily, and has constant digestive issues. Although the attacks stopped two years earlier, she remained in an acute state of fear. As her body then adjusted to her new living situation, it was able to show it was still suffering the effects of living in constant fear. A dose of the appropriate remedy took away each and every one of her symptoms.

Growing up, teenagers often get into trouble adjusting to their new bodies. man with broken leg standing with ctutchesBroken limbs and fractures are not uncommon. These may take a sequence of remedies, each one removing a block; first, the trauma, then the pain, followed by the proper alignment or fusing of the bone.

Many adults have trauma in their past. This may or may not be recognized, because it is difficult to see the forest for the trees. Things like childbirth or surgery can change a person profoundly, and a trauma remedy can make all the difference. A trauma can leave a lasting effect on your entire future, emotionally and mentally, not just physically. Our bodies have ways of holding onto set patterns, and these patterns should be healthy. Whether you have an old injury or a recent one, seek out homeopathic treatment to release that energy to help yourself to health.   back to top

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