Why I am a Homeopath

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‘Have you thought of being a beautician, manicurist, hairdresser?’ img_3018

Well, clearly, with a few degrees, over 17 years training in a host of holistic therapies and an innate desire to help people achieve their optimum level of health, what else would one do? (The insult would hit hard were I not aware of his non-existent social skills and limited, conditioned outlook.) This is no ego trip, it is a calling of the highest order; the result of almost total disillusionment with modern medical practices. This being said, I am aware that there is a time and place for conventional medicine, but it should be, in most cases, where all natural methods have been exhausted.

This attitude generally results in my gritting my teeth, whilst trying to smile beatifically.  He really does not know what is about to hit him as I commence somewhat vitriolically (in my defence) with a mini synopsis of the Organon whilst insisting on the eye contact thing, often mistaken by other guests as a desire for me to get too close. Several glasses of wine later, slight progress has been made perhaps, evident to me with his nodding enthusiastically (manically?) at various intervals or maybe he is exhausted and missing the other guests who have all gone home and is willingly do anything to escape?

I am sure, at some stage we have all been there… 
Such conquests (in the face of great condescension) are incredibly satisfying, if only as a sort of training for other possible, maybe more fruitful encounters. A sense of humour and a deep understanding of the human psyche are fundamental.  Persistence in educating the uninitiated appears to have become my thing, sometimes with more success than others.

So, why do I insist on following a career that is often vilified, misunderstood
and, yes, at times ridiculed? 

Because, essentially, I believe in what I do, and it works for me, and my patients. 
As with many of my peers, we have an innate and deep understanding of classical homeopathy. Having practiced now for several years I can wholeheartedly say that I have, indeed changed people’s lives. This is the underlying, motivating force which feeds my passion to continue practicing, despite at times the potentially de-motivating slander of the sceptics and the constant threat of changes to legislation which governs us.

It is necessary here to cite just a few examples of cases successfully undertaken, to prove a point, if nothing else.

A young couple who had tried for years to conceive, and wished to avoid the IVF route at all costs (knowing how potentially damaging emotionally and physically synthetic hormones can be.) Within 2 months she was pregnant, having been given a carefully selected remedy. Many babies have been successfully treated for high fevers, teething, colic and a host of other complaints. (I was not aware that babies were susceptible to the placebo effect, if they are, the results were quick and astounding, destroying any notion that sceptics may have about homeopathy being simply placebo.)

Similarly children with a myriad of complaints, ear infections and tonsillitis being the chief conditions treated quickly and effectively; once more I seriously doubt the influence of placebo in these cases. Abscesses about to be lanced on several occasions, patients having tried many rounds of often different antibiotics, were given silica.  In each of these cases, the abscess or boil burst within 24 hours.  One patient had seen an eye specialist for an acute eye infection, which refused to heal, again after having been prescribed several different medications.  Within a week of taking arsenicum, (her constitutional remedy) the condition had cleared. A host of mental disorders, particularly depression have been treated, with wonderful results, obviating the need for potentially harmful anti-depressants.  The list is endless.  It is also worth adding that I have recommended homeopathy for many animals, most of which have responded beautifully to a carefully selected remedy.

By prescribing the simillimum in a chronic case or the indicated remedy in an acute, the very act of changing a patient’s life, cannot be underestimated in terms of personal satisfaction; also, the awareness that this has been done without the need for strong, potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

This is why I persevere.  I have earned the respect of my patients.  They trust me and know I will always give of my best, no matter how much time or effort that involves. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement therefore; one that should not ever be belittled or underestimated.

I also have to add, that I am acutely aware of any need to forward a patient for further assessment, should I feel this is warranted. I would like to think that the same reverence amongst all health professionals exists; an unconditional recognition of the treatment best suited to a particular individual would be optimum. The integration of several disciplines, both natural and conventional, where required would be close to perfect.

Returning to the offensive ignorance of the dinner guest, (who, in person, doesn’t really exist but is symbolic of many such encounters) what has to be realised is that much dedication and training has been required in order to take the responsibility of other peoples’ physical and emotional health into our hands. I think that being able to strongly defend ourselves and to explain homeopathy in simple terms to those that are cynical and unconvinced by its actions, is essential.

I know some homeopaths would disagree with me here; however, it is only by doing this that we can become credible, and the word spreads, expeditiously, like wildfire. At times it is fundamentally enlightening for people, who are grateful for their lives being transformed.

Next time I meet with an unsuspecting cynic, I may also woo them with my rant on the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, but that’s another story, for another time; or it may be more simple and less taxing to my brain and somewhat challenged, although never defeated psyche, to refer them to my article in hpathy (March, 2013): http://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/why-less-really-is-more-and-why-hahnemann-was-right/ 

Yours in Health, Gill Graham


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