VACCINOSIS -What is it and how Remedies are considered

Vaccinosis – What is it and How Homeopathic Remedies are Considered By Gina Tyler DHOM. Vaccinosis is a reaction to a vaccine. A person or animal can have an adverse reaction to vaccines. Some people are more susceptible than others. Some have acute symptoms that show immediately after having shots, one day to several… Read More VACCINOSIS -What is it and how Remedies are considered

Kentian Philosophy On homeopathy

Kentian Philosophy (on homeopathy) By Gina Tyler DHOM. Compare and Contrast Suppression, palliation, and susceptibility Suppression or palliation of disease, is the removal of the external symptoms of disease by external, mechanical, chemical, or topical treatment, or by many means of powerful drugs, given internally in massive doses, this having a toxic effect but… Read More Kentian Philosophy On homeopathy

The homeopathic route to health and how it differs to the conventional medical approach

Posted on written by Gill Graham Gill Graham writes… It is a question that I am often asked. How does homeopathy differ from conventional medicine? The answer to this is often very complex as homeopathy is not easily understood and has its roots firmly grounded in a fundamentally different paradigm. For those that wish to… Read More The homeopathic route to health and how it differs to the conventional medical approach

Long Distance transmission + homeopathy

Long Distance Transmission using homeopathy Homeopathy and Radiaesthesia by Gina Tyler DHOM The Mystery Of Morphogenesis: How the Actual Forms of Living Things Come Into Being What controls the homeostatic principle of life? What force animates matter? To be “alive”, what does that mean? What are these invisible forces? These questions have always been debated.… Read More Long Distance transmission + homeopathy

My interview with Allthingshealing

my interview with allthingshealing InterView With Gina TYler DHOM Editor´s Note from Judith Hanna Doshi: After reading Gina’s interview, I am so proud to be a part of the community of homeopaths. The determination that she demonstrated to provide homeopathic aid to the people of Indonesia–both in direct treatment and teaching them how to… Read More My interview with Allthingshealing