VACCINOSIS -What is it and how Remedies are considered

Vaccinosis – What is it and How Homeopathic Remedies are Considered
By Gina Tyler DHOM.

Vaccinosis is a reaction to a vaccine. A person or animal can have an adverse reaction to vaccines.
Some people are more susceptible than others.
Some have acute symptoms that show immediately after having shots, one day to several days after.img_3017

Examples of acute adverse reactions:
Seizures, fevers, breathing problems, fainting, swelling in area shot was given, headaches, dizziness, chills, digestive upsets, vomiting.
Some indicate chronic symptoms showing up long-term, often years later, and are complex to detox. Some examples of chronic adverse reactions:
Asthma, learning problems (ADD, Autism, Aspergers, ADHD), Eczema, bowel obstruction, many allergies, urinary/kidney defects, reproductive problems, Seizures, Death.
The list of adverse reactions is massive. Full research needs to be done by all parents prior to even considering having shots of ANY type.

A few links:

Homeopaths fully understand the implications of vaccine toxins and how these destroy the ‘vital force’ of each person/animal that partakes of them.
The options are in favor of consumers to OPT OUT of getting vaccines. Sadly many parents don’t know this. Why don’t they know this?
Laws to opt out in the USA see link:
MD’s do NOT promote “Opt outs” because it hurts their income. Vaccines are the bread and butter of Allopathic – aka Modern Medicine – and a billion dollar industry for “Big Pharma”! Most MD’s justify vaccine use by saying “diseases have been stopped by vaccinations!”
No scientific facts of vaccine damage. This is 100% false.
See link for charts:
Graphs show that vaccines DID NOT reduce diseases!
Read thousands of “personal stories” posted by parents of vaccine damaged babies/children:
So if you as a parent have had your baby vaccinated and start to see symptoms don’t bother to report them to the MD that gave these shots. They will flat out deny the connection between vaccines and symptoms (acute or chronic). MD’s are required to report vaccine adverse reactions but don’t. Perhaps only 5-10% of adverse reactions get ever reported and that is done by the parents NOT THEIR MD’s!
See the vaccine reporting system (VAERS) file the report yourself.
Now what? Your baby has Vaccinosis, What does a parent do now? Find a Homeopathic organization- directory a database of practitioners or Google or your phonebook or perhaps you already have a homeopath.
This cannot be done via self-prescribing. Each person has their own set of specific adverse reactions to vaccines. Homeopathy has over 3,000 different remedies used for various ailments. When it comes to prescribing a homeopathic detox for vaccine-damage, a full case-taking needs to be done by a trained classical practitioner. Only the well indicated homeopathic remedy will do the trick. The “try this try that” method just won’t do. There are NO shortcuts to proper homeopathic prescribing. If the child has had adverse effects for years the case is extremely complex. One visit will most likely not be enough, but with time homeopathy can detox vaccine toxins. Of course the sooner the appt. is made the better.
Sometimes these vaccine toxins make deep imprints within a person’s MIASM – causing havoc to not only one generation but the second and third generation within the same family. Each time, adding another layer of Vaccinosis. For these complicated predisposed Miasmatic suppressions, a trained classical Homeopath, who fully understands constitutional Anti-Miasmatic principles to prescribing, is needed.

A list of some Homeopathic Remedies used for Vaccinosis:homeopathy-1409035_960_720-pixabay
anthraxicum,ant-t,apis,ars,bac,bapt,bell,bufo,carc,carbolicum-ac,cinchona-off,cham,crot-h,diph,echi,graph,gunp,hep,kali-m,kali-chl,lachesis,ledum,lac-v,lepro,lyssin,maland,med,merc,merc-cy,mez,nat-bic,ped,phos,pyrogenium,psor,thus-t,sabin,sarr,sars,sep,sil,sulp,syc-co,thuj,tub,vac,vario. And Vaccine in potency as used via CEASE   more here-

Boericke’s MM lists:
aconite,antimonium tart,apis,bell,crotalus,horridus,echin,maland,merc-s,mez,sars,sepia,sil,sulp,thuja.

J.T. Kent has this list:
Only the homeopathic remedy that most closely matches the totality of the presenting symptoms given should be prescribed.
A remedy that is used to detox Vaccinosis might be followed up with the persons ‘constitutional remedy’ for a deep acting healing. Nosodes, Bowel Nosodes, Isodes and Auto-Nosodes are all possibilities the practitioner needs to consider.
Boericke’s Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory
Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica by J.T. Kent
The Organon of Medicine By Samuel Hahnemann (6th edition)
Rubrics from The Complete Repertory


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  1. Great information and links, thanks. I’ve seen many cases of vaccinosis, and some people have actually been berated by their MDs. Then they hesitate to say their symptoms developed after a flu or other vaccine. This is vital information, as we all know.

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