Cananga oil and Chanel#5 is there a connection?

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Essential oils/aromatherapy the latest craze, many people using these oils have no idea what they are doing/what and how to mix because they are not certified in aromatherapy. Pyramid marketing housewifes are exploding,sadly not taking the time to become aware of the magical ,healing,history and botanical history of each oil they use. I became certified in 1996,everyone using these oils should aswell.

This particular article is about CANAGA oil (ylang-ylang) one of my favorites……………….enjoyfullsizerender-155

Two persons and one plant participated in the creation of the world famous fragrance, “Chanel # 5.”

The inventors of this renowned perfume were Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, and Ernest Bo (Beaux) who was born in 1881 in Moscow. Bo was the son of the owner of the perfumery company Rallet, which delivered perfumery to the imperial court. He later became Rallet’s director.

Chanel asked Bo to make “an ideal smell for a woman.” In 1921, he presented…

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