My trip of a Lifetime to India to Study Homeopathy

  My Trip of a Lifetime to India to Study Homeopathy

written by Heather Caruso- CarusoHomeopathy img_3018

Many of my clients knew how excited I was to be heading to India to study in a homeopathic clinic. It was the trip of a lifetime. Little did I know that our arrival would be greeted with television and newspaper journalists. We were greeted like rock stars when we arrived. It was too bad that after an almost 48 hour journey, we were not a little fresher and polished for our photos and interviews.

Our hotel, just like in the movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, was not like the photos online. My room mate and I were luckier than the others in our group because our room didn’t have any holes in the windows for animals to enter, no mold and our mattress was good, our light bulbs and plugs worked. After going to this poor area of Kerala called Pattambi, I feel so blessed for all that we have in Canada. The first thing I am thankful for is our road conditions and traffic laws. Driving to the clinic every day from our hotel was a hair raising experience. A two lane street acts as a highway for five lanes of traffic. The cars, vans, rickshaws and buses are all honking, swerving in and out and driving head on at us. The amount of people in the streets were amazing. There were no traffic lights, garbage disposal or safety precautions. Walking in streets was risky because cars will drive onto the side of the road without hesitation and there were many strange men who were calling to us.

Our meals were very basic. The only vegetables we were served were were raw carrots, cucumbers and okra. I shall be happy to not eat bread, rice or beans for a very long time. When we ordered coffee we got a variety of things, like hot milk, hot water, watery coffee, or sugar with a hint of coffee in it. Tea was a much nicer treat. During this time, I learned so much about how lucky we are and to appreciate the snippets of beauty amidst the garbage and refuse all over the streets. Some of the architecture, art and statues were lovely. It makes me realize how much I have taken for granted living in Canada.

I learned a lot in that homeopathic clinic in Pattambi. Some of the cases I am sure I would likely never see in Canada. We had some great cases and learned how to read the cardiology patient’s ECGs. Some of the patient’s results were amazing for example, a woman came in with a goiter the size of a large baseball and apparently at her first visit, it was a large as a football. She would have had surgery in Canada and been on thyroid medication for the rest of her life. A few children came in with atrial septal defects, (holes in their heart) and the homeopathic medicines sped up the healing process. We had some severe skin cases of tinea versicolor, psoriasis, reactions to poisonous plants and chemicals.

A lot of Indian people that came to the clinic had diabetes, heart disease and thyroid conditions like hypothyroidism and goiter, most likely from a lack of proper nutrition. The Indian diet is primarily starchy and high carbohydrate with very little protein, no non starchy vegetables or omega 3 sources. Vegetables and animals are kept in poor condition with inadequate soil nutrients.

In the clinic, we sat in with a homeopathic psychiatrist and viewed some interesting cases of oppositional defiant disorder and discussed ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. It was amazing to see how people responded to these simple gentle remedies. One man developed mania after a head injury from a traffic accident. He was given natrum sulph. 1M and he was back to his old self after a few months of treatment. Typically these patients at home are giving a variety of psychiatric drugs that numb their emotional response and have a boat load of side effects.

Our last stop was at Dr. Regi Nicholas’s hair clinic in Kolchi. He has a chain of hair transplant clinics in India and Abu Dhabi, but treats other hair issues with homeopathy such as PCOS, alopecia areata, totalis and universalis. We were priviledged to view two men who had alopecia universalis (hairless over their whole body) receiving homeopathic treatment. One man had all of his hair completely return after two years of treatment and was happy to share his experience. The other man was undergoing treatment and had parts of his hair returning. It was fascinating. Usually these cases at home get cortisone injections in their scalps. They typically give up and wear a wig. The results of their faith in homeopathy and having a skilled prescriber paid off. .

What was amazing to me, was the results that people had using these simple, safe homeopathic prescriptions. The Indian medical doctors worked together with homeopaths. Many homeopaths were MDs and could order blood work. It was also amazing how many people came for homeopathic consults. They were as busy as our after hours walk-in clinics.

Homeopathy is a cheaper but effective form of medicine for such a huge and poor population. At home, many of these cases would be candidates for surgical intervention or pharmaceutical prescriptions. It was amazing that we got to see the final results of their efforts with homeopathy and how their cases improved. In my clinic at home we see many of these people suffer for a lifetime with side effects from pharmaceutical drug treatments or surgery. It was so refreshing to see how people faired when they opted for homeopathy in the long term.

This trip to India has renewed my love for our beautiful and bountiful country and most of all for homeopathy. It was also a good reminder that I have practiced for over 17 years. I have a library of knowledge on homeopathy in my mind that was re-affirmed when we viewed these cases and I concurred with their prescribing. In North America we don’t get the opportunity to see many of these cases fully evolve and resolve because in our people have a lot more faith in prescription drugs than in homeopathic medicine. I shall never forget my trip or the beautiful people I traveled with and met in India.

Please enjoy a few photos of my trip.

A beautiful hand carved Buddha.





















I quite liked this bronze statue outside of our resort. We were beside a small patch of jungle and a murky river.

This is the lady in our resort who does ayurvedic massage. The table was solid wood and quite oily. She drips oil all over us, massages in a sweeping motion.The table was quite oily when we got on and I sincerely hoped there was some antibacterial and antifungal herbs in that oil.:)










We saw a few elephants walking down the road in Kerala. I felt quite sorry for them being shackled and forced to be our entertainment. There were many starving stray dogs and cats which tugged on my heartstrings.

The river behind our resort.

Here is our group of Canadian homeopaths who I shall never forget, Anna Berger, Dr. Viji, Lyle Leffler, Lucia Diaz and Carmen Micu. We have forever bonded.


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  1. What a nice travel log – would love to get to India for a training like this, been a Homeopath for 10 years and have not been able to go 🙂 Can you tell me why you choose Kerala as your place of education?

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