Long Distance transmission + homeopathy

Long Distance Transmission using homeopathy Homeopathy and Radiaesthesia by Gina Tyler DHOM http://www.ginatyler.com The Mystery Of Morphogenesis: How the Actual Forms of Living Things Come Into Being What controls the homeostatic principle of life? What force animates matter? To be “alive”, what does that mean? What are these invisible forces? These questions have always been debated.… Read More Long Distance transmission + homeopathy

My interview with Allthingshealing

my interview with allthingshealing http://www.allthingshealing.com/Homeopathy/Interview-with-Homeopath-Gina-Tyler-DHom/13375#.Uiy4q77n-M_ InterView With Gina TYler DHOM Editor´s Note from Judith Hanna Doshi: After reading Gina’s interview, I am so proud to be a part of the community of homeopaths. The determination that she demonstrated to provide homeopathic aid to the people of Indonesia–both in direct treatment and teaching them how to… Read More My interview with Allthingshealing

Getting to the route of sickness by removing maintaining causes

Article by Gill Graham Homeopaths are trained in how to recognise and advise the removal of what we refer to as ‘maintaining causes’ and ‘obstacles to cure.’ In simple terms, this means eliminating habits or changing elements of lifestyle that are clearly injurious to one’s health and will deter healing. I am consistently shocked by… Read More Getting to the route of sickness by removing maintaining causes

Psychosomatics in homeopathy

Psychosomatics in homeopathy-my article Psychosomatics in Homeopathy By Gina Tyler DHOM. (www.ginatyler.com) for more articles For thousands of years, various cultures have known the connection of the mind and the body; that illness and disease originate not only from external chemical toxins, but from the traumas within the emotional and mental states. Modern medicine has relied… Read More Psychosomatics in homeopathy